A Special Note about the Day Plan


When you subscribe to the Day Plan, PayPal will first deduct a one-off setup fee, which will be the same amount of the One Day plan subscription fee at 499 yen. One day (24 hours) of privileges will then be added to your account immediately.

Since PayPal stipulates that the plan agreement takes effect 24 hours after subscribing, when your Day Plan membership is still in effect after 24 hours, you will be automatically charged for each day of your subscription and the corresponding additional time will be added to your account.

Once the agreement is in effect, PayPal will charge your account every day unless you manually cancel your subscription from your account page.

Weekly/Monthly Plan Auto-Renewal Information

For the Weekly Plan and Monthly Plan, the agreement will take effect after 24 hours, but do not worry, you will not be charged again the next day. The next charge for Weekly/Monthly plans is 1 Week/Month after you subscribe, according to the plan subscribed to.

Similarly, after the subscription activation takes effect, you must manually cancel the subscription, otherwise PayPal will automatically charge you every week or monthly accordingly.

For all Plans, you can confirm, change, and cancel your membership plan at any time from your account page.