<b>Sephan’s Blood Episode 1</b>

Sephan’s Blood Episode 1

2015 37m

In the year 2307 B.E. (1764), Siam is at great peril. A young king of Rattanapura Angwa sends his Armies to besiege Krungsri Ayutthaya, while the internal politics of Siam at the time is at very fragile state.
Suphan or Suphanburi: a major outpost city just outside Krungsri Ayutthaya. Here is where Duang Chan, a young beautiful daughter of a rice trader lives with her friends and family, not knowing about the imminent danger is right at their doorsteps.
Mangra,i a young Burmese Captain is sent on an important mission, to secure vital intelligence for the invasion of Krungsri Ayutthaya, and on this journey is where his path met with Duang Chan.

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